MaDoWS - MarkDown, Simple


What is MaDoWS?

MaDoWS is...

  • a static site server based on Markdown
  • a Wiki
  • a WebDAV server
  • a CMS

but most important, MADOWS is plain simple ;-)

Implemented Markdown Extensions

All extension defined by MADOWS are human readable and useable even without MADOWS and do not inhibt rendering in other CommonMark software.

Include page or URL

Include page in another


Include URL

>Same, but as URL

Executed code block

Executed code blocks are only enabled on pages by trusted users, otherwise they behave like regular code blocks.

Executed visible code block

let a = 1;
let b = 2;

The output is placed in a console below the code.

Executed invisible code block

console.log("Hello World");

The code is invisible, any output is added to the rendered document.


  • Not done
  • Done